When it comes to being an entrepreneur, mindset is everything. While it’s important to be focused and goal oriented, a positive mindset is the foundation for success. Along your entrepreneurial journey it is common to hit a lot of road blocks, face setbacks and even be halted by rejection. A positive mindset is the best way to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue along the road to success! While I’ve already covered some great methods for staying motivated on the blog, I’d love to go through the power of affirmations and cover some that I’ve found work well for entrepreneurs just like us.

Daily affirmations are a great way to train your mind to automatically react positively to situations and keep an optimistic attitude about your abilities even when things aren’t quite working out how you had planned. The following affirmations have been developed to build confidence in yourself, your business and your purpose. Here are my top seven affirmations for entrepreneurs to practice regularly for a positive mindset!

1. I Am Worthy of Success!

Repeat this one every morning. I am worthy of success! Any doubt in your mind about your worthiness to succeed will cloud your judgement, and perhaps even hold you back.

2. I Believe in Myself!

Even if potential investors or partners you’ve approached aren’t too keen on your idea, you are! If you believe in yourself, your idea and your product then your confidence will shine through and convince everyone around you that it is worthy of believing in.

3. My Work Makes a Difference!

Knowing how you can positively impact the lives of others is a great feeling – take that forward with you and you’ll never give up.

4. I Am Driven By Passion & Purpose

Remember why you started! Although financial freedom is a great motivator, let’s not forget that you have a purpose that runs much deeper than money. You are driven by passion and purpose, let it keep driving you.

5. I Am Smart & Successful

You don’t need to be making 6 figures or featured on the television to be successful. You’ve created something that is completely your own, you’re building a business. You are already smart and successful, having done what many others have not had the courage to do!

6. I Work When I Want, Where I Want, With People I Want To Work With

This one is especially helpful when it comes to facing rejection. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise? The people we are most suited to working with will be drawn to us and vise versa – repeat this affirmation to remember you’re where you need to be.

7. I Always Make Time for My Family & Friends

All entrepreneurs knock themselves for a day off, trust me. However, work life balance is especially important in the entrepreneurial world! Repeat this affirmation and feel a little better about accepting the dinner invitation. Positive time off is essential for returning with a fresh mind!

Do you have any affirmations you’d like to share? Why not let me know on Instagram!

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