The Pride of an Engineer

Just like anyone in any position, us engineers take a lot of pride in our hard work. Aside from all of the hard work, determination and knowledge that goes into an engineering project, we get to see something very special when it comes to project outcomes: the difference it makes to the lives of people. Just in the way that a waiter or a chef provides a valuable experience for a family who are dining out for a special occasion, an engineer can provide convenience and make a huge difference in the way of everyday life.

One particular project that I’ve held close since completion for this very reason is the South Road Superway project. This was $1 billion project that I was a part of for three years and has had a positive impact on not only the community, but all of those who visit South Australia in the form of transportation. An easier, more reliable commute has been created for not only workers but industry as well. As the only continuous transport link between the northern and southern suburbs, South Road is a crucial freight route for business and industry. South Road also forms the spine of connections to the major intermodal transport hubs of Adelaide, which are highly reliant on an efficient north–south road corridor. The introduction of the South Road Superway has ensured that efficiency and opened up a booming opportunity for South Australia.


Throughout this elevated roadway project, I worked in two areas. These areas were CFA Piling, also known as foundation work, and Intelligent Traffic System (Smart Communicate & Monitoring System). I am so proud of not only my work, but the work of the entire time throughout this project. I am very excited to see the outcome and the positive impact that the South Road Superway Project has already had on this state I love to call home, and I’m eager to watch the rest of the benefits unfold over the long term as we had initially planned for this project. To find out more, head over the official South Australia Government website, where everything is detailed:

One of the best things about my job is being able to step back and admire what has been completed. Making a real difference in not only Adelaide but all of Australia, and the world at large, is a dream come true for me. What is the best part of your job, and how do you like to make a difference? Don’t forget, you don’t need to be an engineer to make someone’s day better.

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