What can I say about what’s in our own backyard? Travel within Australia

Australia is a bustle of activity in some ways, and complete bliss in other ways. We like our personal space here and it shows with our large cities for our small population.

I have continued to travel sporadically throughout our lovely country and observe the many beautiful wonders of architecture and engineering that are present everywhere.

With beautiful buildings on every corner that showcase the century before when such intricate details were the standard. This city has always renewed my love in engineering and continued my love and desire to be a Structural Engineer Adelaide.

Melbourne is such a city with amazing sites to behold. My travel there after my arrival to Australia led me to live among the locals and see the city inside and out with all its beauty and grace. It is well known for its sites and culture, as well as fashion. Its architecture should also be added to that list.

Sydney and Canberra hold the same love in my heart too. It is such a vast city with many sites to see. You could easily drive for two hours and still barely move or make any headway to the CBD. And that is ok!

The hustle and bustle of every suburb just brings the communities together to the local shopping centre. With many structurally beautiful buildings to be seen everywhere.

These many structures and beauty continue to amaze me and give me a continued love for my profession. The contrast of the buildings in the city to the simple structures in the country showcase the beautiful range in this country.

Australia’s countryside is very simple and open, very welcoming to anyone who is not a local. But even among the simplest towns I always tend to come across an engineering marvel and be inspired to continue working and building towards my future.

This continued travel across Australia always helps to remind me to continue to work towards being a structural and consulting engineer in Adelaide, and the impact I can make upon the world.

Never stop travelling, you never know just how inspired you may become!!

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