South-East Asia – The Smell of Spice

The smell of spices in the south-east lingers not only on your fingers but within the air itself.

Only in south east Asia have I found that you could go to the shabbiest looking food truck, or market, and leave having tasted such exquisite cuisine you would be forgiven for thinking you were sitting at a Michelin restaurant.

Although I don’t any Michelin star restaurant would look like the backstreets in the middle of Malaysia.

My travels have taken me far and wide across the earth, but none have such a variety in food and spices that south east Asia does. Nor have I seen such beautiful architecture regarding the many temples and beautiful historical buildings that I have come across. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have always left me in awe of the beauty that I am able to witness each time I visit.


Every country I have been to is different in one way or another. But the one thing that joins us is architecture and engineering. There are beautiful buildings all over the world that continue to surprise and inspire me daily. And the meaning behind each one might be different, as well as the design, but the engineering and structure behind it is always the same.

It is a universal language that I am proud to be apart of. And are constantly in awe of the new and inspired designs that I come across. Such experiences keep me inspired to becoming a great Structural Engineer Adelaide and Project Management Consultant Adelaide.

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