Egypt Travel Blog – Cadet Engineer Days Yesteryear 2007


Egypt was nothing like I thought it would be.

The five days I was there in 2007 were a whirlwind of bustle and activity with the serenity of the pyramids of Giza sitting not far from the eyeline of the city nearby.

The first couple of days were spent at an engineering conference nestled in the middle of Cairo, with no indication I had even left the comfort of my home town other then the variance in food.

However, that soon finished and left me a few days to explore the beautiful country known for its structure and architecture and rich history.


The camel I was on; trotted along slowly kicking up sand into the air, as I attempted to be the typical tourist and pose whenever the sand dunes would align. Every photo ended up looking the same.

Soon I saw towering before me the beauty that is the pyramids of Giza, and I come to understood that every book, every article, every picture in the world could not to justice to its beauty and design.

I stared at the beautiful sight before me and pondered the many mysteries of architecture and structural engineering that took place to create the beauty in front of me. That is when I knew, I wanted to be one of the best Consulting Engineers Adelaide and Structural Engineer Adelaide.

Once stepping inside the intricate designs along the way and the perfect structure kept me awestruck as I wondered about with the tour guide and counted myself along the lucky individuals in the world who got to see such a sight.

My journey did not end at the pyramids. I travelled along to the sphinx and the infamous suez canal. A piece of engineering that incorporated everything about the beauty and architecture that the world says about Egypt. And it was all true. Everywhere I turned in Egypt I felt a new inspiration for the path I had chosen in life.

Egypt is a place that leaves you awestruck and overwhelmed
with its beauty. I still carry its inspiration with me today.

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