Australian Outback – Dirt stretched on for Miles!

The dirt stretched on for miles, further then the eye could see. And yet, I felt
peaceful as I drove about the Australian outback. Unsure of what I would
encounter, and when the next petrol station would bless my drive. Each time I drove
past one I would wonder if I should’ve filled up in case I got stuck along the

My trip would take me through to Alice Springs with many stops along the way. One such stop
being the old timer mines in Coober Pedy. The air was damp as I stepped into the underground home on display for tourists there. You would never think such a masterpiece of architecture would be in the middle of the outback and yet here it was. The ceilings hung low as I ran my hand along the carved-out walls as I walked around. I was out here on this trip solo, looking for inspiration… and I found it in the most unexpected of places.

Coober Pedy was just the appetiser, once I reached Alice Springs, I saw what everyone else meant when they spoke so lovingly of Ayers Rock in Uluru, and the beauty that emanates from it. It was such a natural rock formation that stood out against the backdrop of the sunset that I watched from afar. I was truly inspired and grateful to be able to experience the sight.

On my way back from Alice Springs I thought about all the natural beauty I encountered along the way and the sight to behold that was Ayers Rock. I have never given much thought to the inspiration that one can encounter when doing a solo trip with just the music player in the car and thoughts to keep me company. But here I was, freshly inspired about the beauty that is out in the world and how I can contribute to it by becoming a structural engineer in Adelaide.

I have never looked back!

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