Self-Isolation and Social Distancing during COVID 19: How to make the best out of it?

The coronavirus. Never will there be a time in our future where we won’t remember how this virus bought the entire world to a standstill. Restaurants and clubs closed down, people stuck in their homes, only essential services being open and an overflow in the hospitals. It will be written into the history books. And, everyone will remember where we were during this pandemic, and what we were doing. The only thing that differs between us all, is how everyone is using their time and trying to make the best of it.

Now being an engineer, I am considered to be an essential service provider. Which means that although not much has changed in the way of my business continuing to function, a lot has changed in the manner in which we conduct ourselves in the field. And around the office with staff and customers. Several safety precautions are now taken to ensure not only the safety of my staff, but also any customers that we may come into contact with. And although that takes care of the professional side of things, that doesn’t show the adverse effects it has had on my personal life.

On the one hand, I am definitely saving money by not going out for drinks and dinners with friends, on the other hand – I miss going out and spending that money. Not for the sake of the spending, but more the social factor, and mingling with like minded friends and colleagues and enjoying my life outside my career. So now apps like zoom and house party are all the rage, trying to keep in contact with these mates. And sharing a beer as we stare through our laptop screens and drink away whilst having a chat. Or maybe joining in with all the new fitness challenges, or tik toks that have flooded social media over the past month. Although, I’ll be honest, I can’t do that many push-ups.




A surprise has come in the way of fishing I must say. Always has been a social event for me. Where I would head out among the water with some friends, to enjoy the warm summer breeze and the smell of fresh water as we would cast out our lines. Now with the restrictions placed upon the world, I find it oddly blissful to be out there alone as I share my boredom with the few fish I manage to find and share online.

Every which way I look I see people using all these social media tools as a way to stay connected – even when we are not. And this is exactly how we can make the most out of this time. I understand that for a lot of us out there, we are not home by choice. Unfortunately, your work hours may have reduced, or become redundant. And it’s definitely not a situation anyone wants to be in. So, the best thing that can come out of this, is to remain active. Do those things you have been wanting to do but never have the time to. Go for a daily walk around your neighborhood during sunrise, read your book collection that has been gathering dust, catch up on those Netflix shows you have never had time for. Whatever it is, don’t stop! Because pretty soon this will all be over and done with, and we all will be back wishing that we had utilized this time more. That is how to make the best of your time, and how to remain successful.

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